Your Innkeepers: Suzy & Keith Hankins

  • Keith and Suzy

Suzy and I purchased the Ant Street Inn in December, 2011 and are excited to be continuing the work of the inn's founders, Pam and Tommy Traylor: that of bringing Texas hospitality and peacefully elegant sanctuary to our guests.  Graduates of Texas Christian University (we are both proud members of the Horned Frog Class of '88), we are excited to have returned to Texas and are humbled by the warm welcome received from the Brenham community.  We have two children: Joyce, studying art at Washington University in St. Louis, and Tommy, studying geography at Texas Christian University.

After a 20-year career in the management and administration of healthcare, I (Keith) was ready for a career change.  After the much more difficult and challenging 20-year career of managing the household, rearing the kids, and intensive volunteer work (I often refer to Suzy as "The quintessential Stay-at-Home-Mom-Who's-Never-at-Home"), Suzy was ready to take a break.

We knew very early in our marriage that we wanted to own and operate a business together, but we didn't know what.  After much discussion and debate, we decided on a bed and breakfast.  When we identified that the timing for the merging of our careers was at hand, we were living in St. Louis, Missouri.  We had two criteria for the property we would purchase:  1)  It had to be in Texas; and 2)  It had to be able to support both of us - we didn't want to walk into a situation where one of us would have to get an outside job to support the endeavor.  Those criteria were met in the Ant Street Inn!

Our Staff

Our knowledgeable and efficient staff tirelessly works to keep you comfortable, our rooms and common areas clean and safe.  It could not be the Ant Street Inn without them!  Whether at the Front Desk or Housekeeping and Maintenance, our staff is here to assist you, and to make your stay at Ant Street Inn one you want to experience again and again!

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