Our Policies - Explained

"Children 12 and over are welcome."

This means children under the age of 12 may not stay at the Ant Street Inn as overnight guests.

Many people believe we at the Ant Street Inn are merely trying to protect our antiques with this policy.  While this is true, it is not the primary reason for this policy.  Our primary goal is to protect our guests and the privacy, calm, and tranquil environment that they have come to expect at the Ant Street Inn, an environment that children simply do not allow.

The fact is, many of our guests stay with us specifically because they know we do not allow children.  Perhaps they are parents who have a rare weekend when Grandma and Grandpa can watch the kids.  Maybe they are business people with a very important presentation to make in the morning.  Perhaps they're even grandparents themselves seeking a brief respite while visiting the grandkids in Brenham.

Children are treasured gifts from God Himself.  It is unfair of us as adults to expect them to behave like something they are not - small adults.

There are several great hotels and B&Bs in the area that do accept children.  We'd be more than glad to assist you in finding accommodations that would accept children, and we would look forward to your return to the Ant Street Inn at another time.

"No smoking indoors."

Yes, this really means no smoking indoors.  Yes, we will impose a $500.00 fine on anyone caught smoking indoors.

"No pets. Service animals are welcome."

Every now and then we are asked, "But he's such a small dog (lady shows me the head of a dog poking out of her purse).  Can he stay?"  Our answer is and always will be, "No."

Again, this is for the protection of our guests.  Some may be horrifically allergic to cats (as I am) or to dogs.  Some people may be cynophobic (fear of dogs, one of the most common phobias in America).

Service animals are allowed because they are not pets.  They are working animals performing very important jobs.

"Check-in is as early as 3:00 PM. Check-out is 11:00 AM."

We are often asked by guests for an early check-in.  This is very difficult for us because our check-out time is not until 11:00 AM.

You may be thinking, "Wow, does it really take four hours to clean a room?  The guy that wrote 'Heads in Beds' said it only takes about 10 minutes."

Let me assure you that our cleaning processes take much more than 10 minutes per room.  In fact, our rooms take from 45 minutes to one hour to clean.  Then, once cleaned, a member of the Management Staff will review each room prior to our next guest occupying it.  Usually this management review requires the Housekeeping Staff member to revisit the room to make small corrections.

Further, even if your room is ready, our staff is still walking through the Grand Hall with vacuums and cleaning agents to clean other rooms, or the Maintenance Staff is carrying ladders through the hall to change a lightbulb or repair a window curtain.  We respectfully request your understanding that the Grand Hall is not a place for guests while the Housekeeping and Maintenance crews are there working.

"Cancellation Policy"

We don't usually get too many questions about a 24 hour notice requirement during the week (Sunday through Thursday), but why do we require a 10-day notice for a weekend cancellation?

On average, our weekends book up four weeks in advance.  Because guests typically book weekends so far in advance, most guests who would have stayed with us have already found other lodgings, or decided to come another weekend.  Thus, the pool of potential guests decreases every single day beginning four weeks in advance.

The Ant Street Inn is not like a 100 room hotel.  When you book with us, we are guaranteeing that you will not simply have a room for those nights, but that you will have the EXACT room that you reserved for those nights because each of our 15 rooms is unique.  We do not overbook our rooms, using some advanced statistical algorithm that predicts the percentage of cancellations based on the weather forecast, whether the Aggies are playing at home, and how the wildflowers are doing.

Often, when a guest has to cancel a weekend visit within 10 days, they will say, "Well, I'm really not cancelling my visit, I'm just moving it to another weekend."  No, you are cancelling that visit and scheduling another visit.

We often hear, "My ________________ died," or "My husband/wife was unexpectedly called away on business," or, "We can't come. It's out of our control."

Let me assure you, everyone who calls to cancel a visit to the Ant Street Inn on a weekend has a great reason for it.  This is because people who book a weekend stay at the Ant Street Inn really want to be here.  They really want to visit Brenham, and see the wildflowers, and visit Washington-on-the-Brazos, and listen to the bands playing during Hot Nights, Cool Tunes, and to shop in our unique stores and boutiques, and to sip wine on the balcony as the sun sets, and to dine in our great restaurants, and to visit Round Top and Festival Hill and Unity Theatre and the Antique Rose Emporium and a myriad other activities and sites.  Or maybe they just want to come somewhere that they can park their car on Friday night and not have to move it until late Sunday afternoon because everything they want to do is within easy walking distance.  And they really want to do these things knowing that at the end of the day, they will be able to enjoy the elegant sanctuary that is the Ant Street Inn.

We understand that things happen, and that some things are outside of the control of our guests.  That does not diminish the economic realities of our guarantee to you that you will have at your disposal a speciifc room on a specific night, and our potential losses in the event that you must cancel, and therefore a room goes empty because everyone who called two or three or four weeks ago looking for a room for that same specific night was told, "I'm sorry, we're fully occupied that night."