Come join the Unity Theatre in celebrating their 20th season!  As guest at the Ant Street Inn, you will enjoy several benefits in addition to the fantastic entertainment value that Unity Theatre provides when you purchase your tickets through us.  First, you'll receive discounted seats ($23 versus the usual $25 or $30).  Next, at all Friday and Saturday night performances, you'll be our guest at the Players' Club, open before the play, during intermission and after the performance.  And after the play, the cast and crew come in to join you!  Don't forget the Party with the Players, after the second Saturday performance of each Main Stage play!  Finally, if purchased at least 24 hours in advance, you will receive the ASI Golden Ticket:  No such thing as a "Sell-Out" for guests at the Ant Street Inn!

Main Stage performances of the flirtatious hijinks, slamming doors and utter confusion in this favorite farce of the Swinging '60's, Boeing, Boeing by Marc Camoletti are each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday September 25 through October 12.

Next up in the Studio is Kayak, a drama by Jordan Hall, the story of how climate change, s'mores, Noah's Ark and a strange chain of events have left a doting mother alone and in her son's old kayak!  Performed each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 23 through November 2.

Follow that with the hilarious, heavenly quartet in Forever Plaid Tidings by Stuart Ross, the holiday treat wrapped in a harmonious package tied with a big red bow on top!  Performances are each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday December 4 through December 21.