Ant Street Inn

Brenham, TX

About the Inn

Welcome to the Ant Street Inn!

Historic Downtown Brenham, Texas

While the Ant Street Inn boasts exquisite antique furnishings, Oriental rugs and stained glass in every room, our guests also enjoy 21st century amenities such as free wireless high speed internet, flat-screen cable televisions, private bathrooms, full made-to-order breakfasts and free parking! Guests also enjoy the rocking chairs on the back veranda overlooking the gardens and fountain.  Couples celebrating their honeymoon, anniversary or birthday will want to request the Celebration Time Package to enhance the occasion.  The Ant Street Inn and Brenham provide many opportunities to relax!  Reserve a room with a large soaking tub for two, or add a Unity Theatre Package to make your stay extra special! Breakfast is served from the expansive menu of the Brenham Grill, the award-winning restaurant right here in our hotel.  After a busy day of antique shopping, geocaching, or history seeking, nothing hits the spot like relaxing at the Ant Street Inn!

Washington County and the surrounding areas have much to offer our guests. The Ant Street Inn itself is situated right in the middle of historic downtown Brenham, a charming Main Street city featuring, great shopping, fine dining, nightlife and the arts.  Wine lovers are increasingly discovering the four Washington County wineries: Pleasant Hill Winery, Windy Winery, Saddlehorn Winery and the newest Wahington County winery, the Texas Star Winery are all enjoying an increased following.  Springtime brings the bluebonnet trails to life.  Year-round day trips with short drives to Round Top for the Round Top Antique Shows and Festival Hill Music Institute; the George Bush Library in College Station; and, the birthplace of Texas can be explored at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park and the Star of the Republic Museum.  Horticulturalists will enjoy the Antique Rose Emporium.  And that's just the beginning!  So much to offer... so much to enjoy!

Tour the Inn

 We've never found a camera that can capture the beauty of architecture, colors, textures, furnishings, artwork and decor of the Ant Street Inn...  No lens can take it all in.  When Suzy and I first visited the Ant Street Inn, we were prepared to be disappointed, because nothing looks as good in person as it does on the internet... except the Ant Street Inn!

But this visual tour comes close!  Captured by John Deans of Deans Consulting, LLC, this virtual tour is at your own pace. You can explore the restaurant and ballroom downstairs (don't forget the San Antonio Room!), and then "walk" up the stairs to see the Grand Hall and all fourteen guestrooms upstairs.

Don't have a lot of time, but want to see a specific room?  All you need to do is Click on "Rooms" above, go to the room you're interested in, and then click on "Click for Interactive Room Tour" at the bottom of the room's description.

We hope you enjoy this interactive tour feature of our web site.  Please let us know what you think!

We have also included a guided event tour for your viewing so you can learn about hosting your wedding, reception, reunion or party at Ant Street Inn!  For more details see our Weddings at ASI and Groups & Meetings pages.  

Guided Event Tour



Interactive Tour of the First Floor


Interactive Tour of the 2nd Floor


Meet the Innkeepers

Ant Street Inn - Meet the Inn Keepers from Water to Wine Productions LLC on Vimeo.

Suzy and I purchased the Ant Street Inn in December, 2011 and are excited to be continuing the work of the inn's founders, Pam and Tommy Traylor: that of bringing Texas hospitality and peacefully elegant sanctuary to our guests.  Graduates of Texas Christian University (we are both proud members of the Horned Frog Class of '88), we have two grown children: Joyce, a professional artist living and working with her husband Dan in St. Louis, Missouri, and Tommy, studying geography at Texas Christian University.


After a 20-year career in the management and administration of healthcare, I (Keith) was ready for a career change. After the much more difficult and challenging 20-year career of managing the household, rearing the kids, and intensive volunteer work (I often referred to Suzy as "The Quintessential Stay-at-Home-Mom-Who's-Never-at-Home"), Suzy was ready to put her gifts of hospitality on display beyond the threshold of our own home.
We knew very early in our marriage that we wanted to own and operate a business together, but we didn't know what.  After much discussion and debate, we decided on a bed and breakfast.  When we identified that the timing for the merging of our careers was at hand, we were living in St. Louis, Missouri.  We had two criteria for the property we would purchase:  1)  It had to be in Texas; and 2)  It had to be able to support both of us - we didn't want to walk into a situation where one of us would have to get an outside job to support the endeavor. Those criteria were met in the Ant Street Inn!

Our Staff


Our knowledgeable and efficient staff tirelessly work to keep you comfortable, our rooms and common areas clean and safe.  It could not be the Ant Street Inn without them!  Whether at the Front Desk or Housekeeping and Maintenance, our staff is here to assist you, and to make your stay at Ant Street Inn one you want to experience again and again!

Ant Street Inn Guest Comforts

Ant Street Inn - Reviews from Water to Wine Productions LLC on Vimeo.

Luxurious Linens; Sensuous Soaps; Treats for the Palate

All guestrooms have private baths en suite with custom soaps, luxurious bathrobes, fluffy towels, hair dryers and irons. Five of our guest rooms have a shower only, five have a combined tub and shower, and five have a separate tub and shower, with the tub in these rooms being a garden tub large enough for two. Our comfortable, plush antique beds feature premium linens and white mattelasse coverlets. Complimentary high speed wireless internet access is available throughout the inn. The business traveler will find plenty of private workspace on authentic antique desks in every room. Flat screen television, individual temperature control, fresh coffee, ice, soft drinks, Blue Bell ice cream and a full breakfast prepared to your order in the Brenham Grill, the award-winning restaurant right here in our hotel round out our list of standard amenities.

Property Amenities

The Ant Street Inn has a large, spacious veranda overlooking the landscaped gardens and grounds behind the main building. Enjoy a drink out back and take in the view of the flower garden and the ambiance of downtown Brenham while the country breeze blows through.


If it gets too hot or cold outside, come in and enjoy the luxury of the Grand Hall, with exquisite antique furnishings and works of art that take you back to the turn of the century, the 19th/20th century! Enjoy catching up with your favorite magazines, pick up a book from the secretary in the Hall, or enjoy a puzzle or game from the Hospitality Room at the east end of the Hall.

Complimentary parking is always available at the Ant Street Inn, in the private lot behind the main building, in the spaces out front, and in the public parking lot just to the east of the Ant Street Inn, across Park Street.  You don't have to drive a Porsche, or even an Austin Healey, but it helps!

The Ant Street Inn has two broadband, high speed wi-fi networks available at no charge to our guests, making access to your emails for work or the internet for leisure simple and easy.

Refreshments are available to our guests any time of day or night. Soft drinks, coffee or tea, water, in our Refreshment Room, stocked once per day.  Of course, complimentary world famous Blue Bell ice cream will be available, just as soon as it's available!!

Weekend evenings, when no other activities are happening at the inn or in downtown (such as a wedding at the inn, or a festival downtown), we put together a little "Guest Social" tray of light appetizers to give our guests the opportunity to meet and greet one another before the restaurants in the downtown area are open and ready to serve.

Please do not hesitate to make any special requests or inquire about any special arrangements you may need. We'd be glad to assist you!

Our Policies

General Policy Information

  • Children 12 and over are welcome.
  • No smoking indoors.  You are welcome to smoke outside on the verandas.  There will be a $500 fee charged to your credit card if it is determined you smoked anywhere inside the building.
  • No pets.  Service animals are welcome.  If you have a service animal, please let us know prior to arrival.
  • Check in as early as 3:00 PM
  • Check out as late as 11:00 AM
  • All rooms except the San Antonio Room are upstairs with stair-only access
  • A full hot, made-to-order breakfast is included, served in the award winning Brenham Grill restaurant located off our lobby.  During the State of Emergency resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, guests will be provided with a menu at check-in, and their breakfasts will be served in their rooms.

Cancellation Policy

 As of March 15, 2020, you may cancel at any time up until 6:00PM on the date of your arrival if you are arriving Monday through Saturday, or 5:00PM for a Sunday arrival.  The only time we will charge your credit card due to a cancellation is if you are a "No-Show" for your reserved date, and you did not call, text or email us beforehand that you were cancelling.

Weddings, private gatherings and business meetings have cancellation policies specified in each agreement.

 Additional Information

Check-in: Begins at 3:00 PM. If you will be arriving after office hours (after 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday, or after 5:00 PM Sunday), please call or email us during office hours on the date of your scheduled arrival to receive the late entry security code for the key pad entry. An envelope with your name will be left for you on the front office counter.

Check-out: 11:00 AM.  Please return your keys to the front desk upon check-out.

Discounted Rooms:  We reserve the right to change the room assignment in the event that the room was reserved at any discounted rate.

High Demand Periods:  Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high demand periods and for special requests.

Our Policies Explained

"Children 12 and over are welcome."

To state it clearly, children under the age of twelve (12) years are not allowed to stay at the Ant Street Inn as overnight guests.

We are often asked, "But I have a very well behaved 10 year old... Can s/he stay?"

Our answer is no, unless you rent all the rooms in the hotel for that night -- then you can have anyone you wish to stay here.

Many people who read this policy believe we at the Ant Street Inn are just trying to protect our antiques.  While this is a concern, it is not the PRIMARY concern.  Our primary concern is for our guests.

Our goal is to provide for our guests an elegant sanctuary.  Children simply do not allow that condition to exist.  Children speak loudly, walk loudly, and run indoors way too often.

We host many guests who stay with us specifically BECAUSE we don't allow children.  Perhaps they are a couple seeking a romantic weekend away from their children.  Perhaps they are business people preparing for a big presentation the next morning.

Each child is a unique gift from God himself.  It is unfair of us as adults to expect them behave as something they are not: small adults.

"No smoking indoors. You are welcome to smoke outside on the verandas. There will be a $500 fee charged to your credit card if it is determined you smoked anywhere inside the building."

No, there really is no smoking indoors.  Yes, we really will fine you.  And really, $500 is still not enough to fumigate the guest room, clean the upholstery and curtains, and scrub down the room to get that smell out.  We prefer no use of tobacco products inside at all, but we won't fine you if you're caught dipping snuff or chewing tobacco.

"No pets. Service animals are welcome. If you have a service animal, please let us know prior to arrival."

We're often asked, "But he's such a small dog (and the kind lady shows me the head of a dog poking out of her purse).  Can't he stay?"

The answer will always be, "No," even if you do rent all the rooms.  Again, folks think we're doing this to protect our antiques, but that's not the PRIMARY reason.  The primary reason is to protect our guests.  Some people are deathly allergic to dogs or cats (as I am).  Some people experience cynophobia, the fear of dogs, or ailurophobia, fear of cats.

Service animals are always welcome because they are not pets.  Service animals are performing important tasks.

 "Check in as early as 3:00 PM"

It's really difficult for us to guarantee an early check-in time, since, again, we are a small property and our check-out time is not until 11:00. We can sometimes get you in to your room early, so please go ahead and ask.  We just cannot guarantee that you will be able to get into your room until 3:00 PM.

"Check out as late as 11:00 AM"

We can sometimes grant a late check-out, but again, we're a small property and our check-in time is 3:00 PM, so we need all that time to clean the guest rooms and common areas to the standard that we maintain at the Ant Street Inn.

"All rooms except the San Antonio Room are upstairs with stair-only access."

This is not so much a policy but a statement of fact.  We only have one guest room on the ground floor.  We have two stair cases leading up to the second floor, one interior and one exterior.  The interior staircase has 27 steps, the exterior a total of 31 steps.

We understand that so many steps may represent a significant challenge to some of our guests.  We would be much more than happy to assist you with your belongings up and down the stairs.  All we ask is that you let us know.  

"A full hot, made-to-order breakfast is included, served in the award winning Brenham Grill restaurant located off our lobby."

Yes, a great breakfast will get your day started right!  The Brenham Grill has an extensive breakfast menu that can meet most if not all dietary needs.  If you have a special request, please let your waiter or waitress know.

During the State of Emergency resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, guests will be provided with a menu at check-in, and their breakfasts will be served in their rooms.

"Cancellation Policy"

With the arrival of COVID-19, cancellation policies became null and void.  So, now you may cancel at any time, up until our office closes on the night of your arrival.  If you have not contacted us by the time our office closes (6:00PM any day of the week except Sunday, which is 5:00PM) via telephone, text or email that you need to cancel, and you have not made arrangements for an after-hours arrival, and you do not arrive to occupy your reserved room, we will charge the credit card we have on file for 100% of your reservation the morning after your scheduled arrival.

 "We reserve the right to change the room assignment in the event that the room was reserved at any discounted rate."

We sometimes discount our rooms, especially for those companies doing business here in Brenham during the usual work-week.  We sometimes need to move them around, based on other events or activities going on at the inn.


"Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high demand periods and for special requests."

Just as an example, we do raise our weekday prices during high demand times such as the Round Top Antiques Shows, Hot Nights, Cool Tunes, the Texas Arts and Music Festival, and other festivals and holidays.