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Spectacular weddings and receptions can be held at the restored Ant Street Inn in historic downtown Brenham, Texas. This vintage building offers several locations for your ceremony and reception.

Wedding Packages include a combination of the ballroom, garden, veranda and guest rooms. You may select your own vendors to make your wedding weekend fit your personality!

There are so many conveniences and advantages to holding your wedding and/or reception at the Ant Street Inn!  To begin, we only book one wedding event per weekend.  That means you are not under the excessive time crunch that other wedding "factories" impose.

In and out in four hours?  Who can really do that, and not worry the entire time about, "How will the venue manager react if we can't get the decorations down in time?"  Packages are available that would allow you to begin decorating the Ballroom as early as 10:00 AM the day prior to your reception!  When your reception ends, all that is required is to make sure the food and beverages are put away and stored properly.  You have until 2:00 PM the day following your reception to finish removing decorations and any final clean-up activities!

Packages are available that include all of our 15 guest rooms.  This gives wedding party, family and close friends the place to dress and prepare right where all the action is!  And when the reception is over, your family and close friends just have to walk up stairs to find the comfort and elegance of the Ant Street Inn waiting for them!  And of course, your overnight Ant Street Inn guests are treated to a fantastic, private breakfast, with a menu and serving time of your choosing, prepared by the award winning Brenham Grill!

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Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages


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